Human lives have been enhanced by clay for thousands of years.  We have used it for everything from carrying water to religious ritual. Early on, we began embellishing and “en-spiriting” these objects as a form of communication. These messages speak to us on an emotional level. Beauty moves us.

My mother was a potter. Thanks to her, from an early age I lived with pots made by many different potters. I learned to hear that unspoken language. As a young adult there was nothing I wanted to do more than follow along the same path.

Clay never ceases to intrigue me. There is always a new idea waiting to be explored. This constant refreshing keeps what I do challenging, even when I am repeating forms. There is a liveliness that comes through the clay, if I can just get out of the way.

It is my intention that the pots I make find their ways to homes where they will speak their quiet language, and in so doing, enhance the rituals of daily life.