Maine Pottery Tour 2014

A handmade porcelain pitcher

This year 19 pottery studios from across the state including Nancy Button’s Fireside Pottery in Warren will be open for the MAINE POTTERY TOUR on May 3rd and 4th.

The raw porcelain pitcher
A handmade textured green porcelain pitcher

With tour legs in southern, central and mid-coast Maine, there are as many different styles to see as there are destinations! For maps and more information on each of these legs of the tour, go to, or find them on Facebook at Maine Pottery Tour.

The participating potters have cleaned up their work spaces and are welcoming visitors to their studios to see the work they do. All are happy to talk with you about making pots, how they work with clay and the different techniques they use to decorate and fire their work. Get an inside glimpse into the life of a potter, tour their studios, peek into kilns and know that your purchase is supporting your local creative economy.

Local potters on the mid-coast leg of the tour include:
Ash Cove Pottery (Susan Horowitz & Gail Kass), 75 Ash Cove Rd. S. Harpswell 833-6004;
Liz Proffetty Ceramics, 118 Old County Rd., Newcastle 207-586-5117;
Fireside Pottery (Nancy Button), 1478 Camden Rd., Warren 273-3767;
Alex Tomasulo, Double Dolphin Way, Walpole 207-380-1902;
Tyler Gulden, with guest potter Nathan Willever, 45 Clark’s Cove Rd., Walpole 380-8454.

Be sure to look for the signs!

Hours are Saturday May 3rd 10-5pm and Sunday May 4th 11-4pm.

The tour is expanding each year and is always adding new potters. You can find out more information by going to for maps and photos of the work or find them on Facebook at Maine Pottery Tour.

Fireside Pottery
Nancy Button
1478 Camden Rd.,
Warren, ME 04864